Should I Seek Advice on my Situation?

Think of a problem that is puzzling you. Should you seek personalized advice on the right course of action? Please click on Tools above and take the 20-item questionnaire, with true/false questions such as:

  • Others will suffer consequences if I do the wrong thing.
  • Others before me have often faced a similar problem.
  • Breaking totally new ground will be rewarded.
and then tell us what score you got and whether the questions help you think through the problem. And, if it’s not too private or confidential, please share with readers what the problem is.

One Response to Should I Seek Advice on my Situation?

  1. Bok Bogar says:

    My son has become an ‘entrepreneur.’ It is precisely what you’re called whenever you don’t have employment.
    High achievement always comes about inside the framework of high expectation.

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