February 1, 2012

The Advice is for Winners manuscript has six parts which follow a traveler metaphor:

  1. The Landscape
  2. Scouting Reports
  3. The Map
  4. Boulders and Watering Holes
  5. Paths Well Traveled
  6. The Destination

Part 1 explains the reasons for the book, analyzes what advice actually consists of, and goes through the many reasons (excuses) why people avoid seeking advice.

Part 2 reviews and builds on prior work: self-improvement books, scholarly literature, and proverbs.

Part 3 is about how to do advice-seeking right, taking an end-to-end view.

Part 4 looks at interesting or problematic stopovers, from dealing with contradictory advice, to the influence of national culture, and the proper role of the web and social media.

Part 5 looks at special cases of advice-seeking: recruiting & hiring, changing jobs, and picking a major.

Part 6 wraps up the lessons of the book.

Question for readers:  what questions about the advisory process would you like to see answered?


Should I Seek Advice on my Situation?

February 1, 2012

Think of a problem that is puzzling you. Should you seek personalized advice on the right course of action? Please click on Tools above and take the 20-item questionnaire, with true/false questions such as:

  • Others will suffer consequences if I do the wrong thing.
  • Others before me have often faced a similar problem.
  • Breaking totally new ground will be rewarded.
and then tell us what score you got and whether the questions help you think through the problem. And, if it’s not too private or confidential, please share with readers what the problem is.